Working head of robot-mounted tool removing the coatings on a helicopter rotor

The world’s only FAA approved laser ablation system in production use on aircraft flight-critical components. Our award winning and patented surface protection technologies are now available to a wide range of applications: aerospace, marine, automotive, residential, and more. Contact us with your sales, rental, or service needs.

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Lasertronics has perfected unique scanning and computerized control technologies that make laser ablation a practical alternative to blasting, abrasives, and solvents for removing coatings of any kind, with no risk of damaging any substrate.

Paired with high performance German made lasers, our pulse-by-pulse closed-loop control technologies remove coatings quickly and safely. Our color-selective workheads and cleanliness detection methods allow stripping directly to the substrate or to intermediate layers such as a primer layer. Unlike other laser ablation systems on the market that use flawed post-ablation examination methods such as camera imaging, our surface recognition analyzes the surface before and after each laser pulse, or 10 thousand times per second, offering superior real-time protection and pinpoint accuracy.

Before-and-after stripping results with laser ablation on an A-10 wing tank aluminum flange

Benefits of Lasertronics’ Unique Ablation System

  • Safe for Any Substrate: Absolutely safe for any substrate – Eliminates risk of damage from scraping, sanding, solvents, or media blast. Prevents overheating by open-loop lasers.
  • Complete: Cleans any visible surface, regardless of complexity, with zero residue.
  • Unprecedented Control: Selectively removes specific layers from multi-layer coatings, leaving the rest undisturbed.
  • Fast: Replaces manual labor with 10X faster process.
  • Savings: Significant reduction in labor, out-of-service time, and disposal costs.
  • Easy Access: Flexible work head allows easy access to cramped spaces. Optional video camera enables remote use in inaccessible or dangerous areas.
  • Reduce Injuries: Eliminates repetitive-stress manual labor.
  • Portable and Flexible: Small, lightweight, portable unit runs on standard shop power.
  • Adaptable: System accommodates manual or robotic applications.
  • Green: Captures stripped toxic material in HEPA paper filter for easy control and inexpensive disposal, keeping it away from air, water, and humans.
  • Clean: Dramatically reduces waste stream.


  • Aircraft Maintenance – Fixed Wing & Rotary: Strip corrosion, paints and sealants; repair multi-layer surfaces including low observables.
  • Ship Maintenance – Surface & Submarine: Strip corrosion, paints and adhesives from any surface; prepare weldments for NDI.
  • Composite Manufacturing: Prepare composite surfaces to accept coatings and enhance bonding without use of abrasives, peel-ply or solvents.
  • Radioactive Decontamination: Decontaminate to free release.


  • US FAA Endorsement
    The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has endorsed the use of Lasertronics as the only laser coating removal system for all aluminum aircraft.
  • US DOD Maintenance Excellence Award
    The Office of the Secretary of Defense awarded Lasertronics the 2009 Maintenance Excellence medal for contributions to the Automatic Rotor Blade Stripping System at the Navy’s FRC-East depot in Cherry Point, NC, .
  • Defense Manufacturing Excellence Award
    The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) presented the 2010 Defense Manufacturing Excellence Award to Lasertronics and our partners to recognize outstanding cooperative efforts in new technology development between government, industry, and academia.