Applications for Lasertronics Systems

World’s only laser ablation system in production use on flight-critical surfaces

Aircraft Maintenance – Fixed Wing
FAA-approved to strip corrosion, paints and sealants from any aluminum surface, including complex surfaces such as fuel tank interiors. Prepare lap joints for non-destructive inspection (NDI). Strip layered surfaces, such as low-observable coatings and composites.

Aircraft Maintenance – Rotary Wing
Strip paints and anti-erosion coatings from rotor blades, both composite and metal, manually or robotically.

Ship Maintenance – Surface and Submarine
Strip corrosion, paints, and adhesives from any surface, including irregular and complex surfaces. Optimize preparation of weldments for visual and dye-penetrant non-destructive inspection (NDI). A built-in video camera is available for stripping confined spaces.

Hexavalent Chrome Conversion
Convert toxic hexavalent chrome to benign forms of chrome as you strip paints and coatings that contain hexavalent chrome.

Composite (CFRP, fiberglass, etc.) Manufacturing
Prepare composite surfaces to better accept coatings of any kind, including paints, sealants, and adhesives. Eliminate peel-ply and solvents.

Radiological Decontamination
Remove surface oxide contamination to free release.

Infrastructure Maintenance and Architectural Restoration
Remove corrosion, paint, surface dirt, oxidation, bird droppings, and other foreign matter, restoring surface to as-new condition.

Corrosion Removal
Remove corrosion quickly and cleanly, restoring substrate to original, pre-paint condition.