Composite Manufacturing

Lasertronics pre-treatment of composite surfaces acts like a photonic peel ply.  In one pass, it enhances the surface in three ways:

  1. Removes all surface contaminants, including organics and mold release agents.
  2. Creates a controlled texture.  It “texturizes” the surface.
  3. Chemically functionalizes the surface.

Each enhancement improves the ability of the surface to accept coatings.  The result is improved adhesion of paints, sealants, and adhesives.  Our unique closed-loop control technology prevents damage to delicate substrates, including fibers.

Extensive lap shear and double cantilever beam testing confirms that laser pre-treatment measurably improves bond toughness, while reducing the standard deviation of G1C test results by more than half.

Such dramatically enhanced repeatability could facilitate reduction or elimination of metal fasteners.  This in turn would make manufacturing simpler, faster, and cheaper, and the final assemblies lighter and stronger.

An additional benefit is that laser pretreatment eliminates both the disposal burden of peel-ply, and any need for solvent wipes.