On-Site Demo

Lasertronics encourages prospective customers to send small samples of their coating removal challenges to our lab for a free demonstration of our technology. This option is described on the adjacent page entitled, “Free Demo In Our Lab”.

For cases where the customer’s coating removal challenge cannot practically be shipped to us on small coupons, we can come to the customer’s site in the US or Canada for an on-site demonstration. The costs of travel, system transportation, and equipment availability require that we charge for these on-site demos.

On-site demos are billed at Lasertronics’ actual cost and include:
• Travel, for a technician to and from the demo site. Normally we can accomplish demonstrations in one day, but can stay longer if requested.
• Shipping a Lasertronics system to and from the demo site.

Often Lasertronics can identify other nearby demo candidates to share these costs. When sharing is practical, travel and shipping costs are proportionally reduced.

Rebate Policy:
When an on-site demo results in purchase or rental of a Lasertronics system within six months, we rebate the demo charges as follows:
• For a system purchase, 50% of the cost paid for the demo is credited against the purchase price.
• For the second and third systems purchased, 25% will be credited against the price of each system.
• For a system rental, 25% of the cost paid for the demo is credited against the rental price.

If an on-site demo would fit your needs, please get in touch through our Contact Us form.