Environmental Benefits

A unique attribute of the Lasertronics ablation system is the potential it offers to capture all stripped particulate material in a paper filter. This capability introduces a quantum simplification of the entire waste disposal problem. Instead of capturing, controlling, shipping, and disposing of potentially tons of contaminated media or liquid solvents, with Lasertronics the operator need only monitor and occasionally change a paper HEPA filter that captures the ablated material. The filter containing the captured particulate is the only waste requiring disposal.
Amount of toxic waste generated by traditional coating removal

Stripping one pound of paint generates very different volumes of waste, depending on the stripping method chosen
Lasertronics stripping generates about 12% (by weight) as much waste as does media blast, and about .3% as much as solvent stripping.

Perhaps more important, capturing the waste in easy-to-handle, dry paper filters makes proper waste disposal far simpler, cheaper, and more likely to actually happen than with other methods.

The result, in addition to producing a cleaner, undamaged substrate faster than conventional alternatives, is a far greener disposal solution.