Intellectual Property


Seal of the US Patent and Trademark OfficeFrom its inception, Lasertronics has focused on developing new and improved technologies to enable laser stripping (“ablation”) of coatings from all kinds of surfaces.

Beginning in 2001, Lasertronics has aggressively filed for patent protection of the unique technologies we invented and perfected.  To date, we have been granted patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office for six different inventions.  These patents cover a range of novel and unique technologies, including:

  • Remote delivery of pulsed laser energy via fiber optics.
  • Ablation of the inner surfaces of pipes.
  • Rotary delivery of laser pulses to a work surface.
  • Surface color recognition and color-selective ablation.
  • Aluminum recognition.

We have applied for similar protection abroad, including in Canada, Japan, France, Germany and the UK.

Lasertronics currently has several additional active patent applications in these areas:

  • Optimum collection and sequestration of ablation waste products.
  • Improved laser access to surface irregularities.
  • Improved surface scanning.
  • Real-time surface roughness control.
  • Video monitoring of remote laser ablation processes.
  • Alternatives to color sensing for preventing substrate damage.
  • Use of laser treatment to enhance manufacturability of exotic materials.

Lasertronics will continue to lead the laser ablation industry by aggressively developing technologies to exploit new discoveries.  We will continue to file for intellectual property protection for each promising new concept.